Influentielle Liability Release Form


By signing this “Acknowledgment and Understanding”, I (the “Participant”) acknowledge and agree to the following:

1. Cassie Drake is an independent agency called Influentielle operated by Cassandra Drake (herein referred to as “Cassie Drake”);

2. Cassie Drake and any agents or assigns are neither providing you with legal advice, nor acting as legal counsel, legal representatives, or legal advisers;

3. Neither Cassie Drake, nor any agents or assigns are licensed medical professionals including, but not limited to a doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or therapist;

4. Nothing expressed to you by Cassie Drake or any agents and assigns constitutes any form of medical or legal advice or opinion;

5. You have an obligation to seek professional guidance for any matters requiring professional attention including, but not limited to, legal, medical, mental health, or therapeutic and you cannot solely rely on information provided to you by Cassie Drake or any agents and assigns to satisfy in substitution thereof;

6. You release Cassie Drake and any agents or assigns from any liability or responsibility caused by your reliance on the interaction between you and Cassie Drake for any reason other than mentorship or entertainment value;

7. Cassie Drake retains complete ownership over all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to: copyrights; patents; trademarks; trade secret rights; goodwill; and, other intellectual property rights associated with any ideas, concepts, content, techniques, exercises, prompts, inventions, processes, themes, or works of authorship that are exchanged with you. Without express and written permission given to you by Cassie Drake, you are not permitted to sell, gift, or otherwise distribute any intellectual property that is shared with you by Cassie Drake;

8. The signing of this Acknowledgment and Understanding constitutes a client consultant relationship between you and Cassie Drake, as per the agreed upon terms;

9. This “Acknowledgement and Understanding” is governed exclusively by the laws of the Province of Ontario; and,

10. This “Acknowledgement and Understanding” may be signed electronically, the effect of which will be the same as if the parties signed the agreement by hand.