The 12-week Mastermind

Idea into
Impact + Income


For the Woman who wants to Design, Plan & Build Her Big
Creative Vision into a Reality

+ 468 Women Mentored
+ 68 events hosted
+ 38 brands incubated
+ 7 successful cohorts
Reach more success & growth in one quarter than you have in the past year by intentionally & strategically designing, planning, & building your big creative vision into a reality through our 3-part roadmap for success.

With expert coaches that provide 1-on-1 mentoring, group coaching, and an entire membership site of resources to help you achieve your goals. We lay the groundwork and foundation for building your idea and developing it into a sustainable and cash-flow-driven business.
Whether you have a seed of an idea you’ve been itching to bring to life or a business you want to expand and scale - this is the mastermind for you.

Influentielle is more than any business coaching program. As a member, we guide you through a transformative journey over three months together alongside a community of like-minded women, all building purpose-driven brands & to create the lifestyle they dreamed of.

Join the most supportive girl gang you’ll ever find:

& be Influentielle.


What is the Influentielle Mastermind?

The Influentielle Mastermind Program is a 12-week e-learning group coaching cohort that helps you fast forward your success with the help of in-depth training, 1-on-1 guidance, and virtual group support sessions.

A "Mastermind" is a group of like-minded members (in our case – women with a brand, business, or project idea) with similar goals who all come together to share, support, expand, and grow through the guidance of expert coaching and best-in-class training.

Influentielle is a group of business-driven women that gives you the support + guidance to take your idea to the sustainable business you’ve always dreamed of.

What You Get When Joining:

✓ Belief & Confidence

Learn invaluable mindset techniques to get out of your OWN way into feeling worthy AF & believing in yourself & what you do. Make a more significant impact while making an INCOME doing what you’re passionate about.

✓ Guidance & Accountability

Expert coaches will guide & keep you on track with consistent check-ins, weekly live group Q&A calls, and a private Slack community to answer your questions and help you take the next step in your journey.

✓ Learning & Growth

Receive best-in-class resources, templates, and scripts to elevate your skill set. And use our membership site to access video trainings and workshops to develop your business and brand further.

✓ Connection & Support

Be part of an intimate group of like-minded women striving to improve themselves, and build businesses with impact who will wholeheartedly support your growth


Who is Influentielle For?

This Mastermind PrOGRAM is for YOU if:

Who is
Influentielle For?

This Mastermind  
is for you if:
✶ You have an idea for a business or an existing brand under 5 years old, but have haven't taking enough steps towards it and making the progress you want to be.

✶ You’re tired of feeling like you’re not good enough ready to start hitting those big milestones sooner than you ever thought possible.

✶ You understand that your mindset is intertwined with your business growth and are ready to master both.
✶ You feel more ready than ever to take action, do the deep work and be motivated to bring your big goals to reality.

✶ You want a guide/mentor who is relatable and has been where you are and took the leap that you crave to build a viable and sustainable business you LOVE.

✶ You want to become part of a true tribe - and find your biz besties that will have your back far beyond the few months together in the program.

What is Included

Arm yourself with expert knowledge covering all fundamental aspects of building & launching a brand.
Weekly live intimate Q&A group coaching calls
+ 24/7 Slack private communication
All necessary worksheets and
workbooks that layout everything you need to do + organize everything into easy-to-use methods
Work through your unique goals and
challenges via private calls and chats
with your coach

Extras + Bonuses

Accountability & Commitment Challenge
Set a goal and then have our entire team help you stay on track to achieve it over the course of 1 month
Build your Website from Scratch in a DAY Framework
Need a site up & running in a matter of hours? We'll take you through it step-by-step to launch it in a DAY.
Video Series Offer Launch Plan
A step-by-step launch strategy to finally introduce your product or offer into the world.
 Business LEGAL 101
Get the legal lowdown on contracts, incorporation, and everything in between for Canadian creatives + entrepreneurs with AWE Legal.
GSD (Get Shit Done) Group Calls
Get more done in these virtual co-working sessions than you ever would while working alone.
Business Bookeeping & Accounting
Get your book-keeping in order & save on taxes with CPA Jami Monte.

The ABC Blueprint

We will find the alignment with yourself and your brand, then create an action plan to start and launch your business/offer. Through strategy, planning and mindset reprogramming sessions, we will develop the foundation for your successful business.
We will help you create or redesign your ideal branding identity. From messaging, visuals and a complete digital marketing strategy, you will master organic and paid marketing to secure your dream partnerships & Clients.
Monetize your brand by creating consumer journeys that convert to consistent sales. Hone your sales mindset, learn effective online sales strategies and optimize your funnels to attract and convert high-quality leads.

What Members Are Saying

I entered the program because I wanted the collaboration aspect of working with likeminded people. So coming into the group was fantastic - the women that came together fit so nicely together. The cross aspects of skill set really helped to create a beautiful collective. To have to sense that sense of community especially when dealing with likeminded things keeps you really motivated.”

- Eden A.W.

"This was the best thing I have ever done. This program took me to the next level. The fact that I signed new clients in the 1st month was a big deal, the fact that all these people are coming to me and I'm not reaching out to them. Aspects like that where I'm like "wow, this investment in coaching for my business is definitely a return in investment with people wanting me to coach them for their lives."

Jenn L., Owner of JLMOVE

"I honestly feel like I'm a completely different person after entering this program, which makes me feel amazing. I feel like I'm just much more myself. I feel like I went through so many changes, in my personal sense of self as well as in my business - the growth is crazy to me in the last three months."

Tati P., Author & Owner of Moon Sign
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You don’t need more information,
you need implementation!

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it's that we are tired of information overload.

Many self-proclaimed experts pump weak information into an already oversaturated pool of resources; a never-ending list of self-help books to read and podcasts to listen to. Of course, anytime access to all these resources is incredible - invaluable, even.

But they do not solve our problems, and information remains just that - info - until it is implemented. That is where a certified coach and a team's support come in.

We can quickly vet what is best for you. Just because someone else has done it one way does not mean it will work for you. In fact, we believe everyone has their own way. And that is what we cultivate with every Mastermind member - their blueprint that will build the brand of THEIR dreams, not someone else's.

Meet Your Mentors

Coach Cass
She's an ex-architect-turned-designer of dream lives.

Long ago, Cass went from designing buildings to becoming the architect of brands & businesses. Because, as any designer knows, there is a critical step between an idea & becoming a reality, and she knows the steps to makes it so.

Cassandra Drake is a certified Life & Success Coach & NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practioner. She uses mindset rewiring & belief techniques to work through blocks to ensure you reach true transformation. She is a Digital Marketing expert & will stop at nothing to see your brand succeed.

As your primary coach, she is there to encourage you and push you through self-limiting beliefs and fears preventing you from reaching your fullest potential.

In the words of Coach Cass, "There comes a time when you suddenly see your life for what it will be vs. what it could be. And at that moment, you are faced with a choice... to stay within what you know, or to grow into the unknown."

Meet Your Experts

Darielle of  AWE Legal
Lawyer, Corporate Law
Jami Monte of Monte CPA
CPA, Accounting
for Entrepreneurs
Vanessa Smith of Mintworthy Co.
Money Mindset &
Yelena Reese
Brand Messaging Strategist
+ Persuasive Copywriting
Narley Karikari
Life & Mindset Coach
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