Are you ready to turn your dream idea into reality?

Give us 12 weeks, and we’ll get you there.

What is Influentielle?

Get a peak into our Mastermind girl gang:

Calling all female content creators, biz owners, and dreamers of your next project idea:

We’re coming together over the course of 12 weeks with in-person group experiences as well as individual coaching sessions to get you to where you want to go, no matter where you are in the world.

Because babe, you have something seriously special you need to share with the world.


You know you have to.


The time has come to stop playing small, and finally step into your full potential.

You’ve been grinding it for what seems like forever. Are you beginning to feel discouraged? Uninspired and a little lost?


At the same time, you’ve had that idea in the back of your mind that you’ve been toying with starting. How long have you been thinking about doing it? A month? A few? A year?


I feel ya, girl.


I had been blogging for years, constantly creating content for my brand from long-form blog posts, meticulously curating my insta feed, and building up an audience base. I invested a ton of time, energy, and money into trying to turn my brand into some revenue-generating business. But I felt like I didn’t have much to show for all my effort. Does this sound familiar?


I’d attend countless events from speaker series, panel discussions and workshops to hear from other influencers and entrepreneurs. I’d walk away from every single one incredibly inspired, only to have that hit of motivational magic wear off in a matter of a few days. “Now what?” I’d ask myself. I was unable to apply the takeaways from the success stories of those entrepreneurs and translate it to myself and my own business.


I’d always seem to come back to my problem in the first place:


I was stuck.


I knew where I wanted to go. Hell, I even knew the steps on how to get there. But why couldn’t I follow-through with my grand ideas and actually execute them? I realized I needed a few things.


As it turned out, these are the very things that separate the people who achieve their goals, and the people who continue to tread water for years.
The people who dare to not only dream big, but actually have the follow through to create a new life. And the people who get accustomed to the mediocre – always left feeling like they’re not accomplishing what they’ve set out to do.
The key things that separate these two groups of people?


Support + feedback + accountability. = growth.


Listen, we ALL do.


So, I created Influentielle.


Influentielle is a business Mastermind group of business-driven women that helps you go from your idea to the sustainable business you’ve always dreamed of. 


We meet on a regular basis to share our stories + struggles, support one another and grow together through the help of business coaches.

What members are saying:

“I entered the program because I really wanted the collaboration aspect of working with likeminded people that were starting a project. To step into something for the first time by yourself without any partner is terrifying. So coming into the group was fantastic.

The group of women that came together  fit really nicely together sort of like a mosaic. Most of are in different industries but there are cross aspects of skill set that really helped to create a beautiful collective. To have to sense that sense of community especially when dealing with likeminded things keeps you really motivated. Especially since you want to show up, you want to participate in the community and the group.”

What would you say to someone about this program who is hesitant? 

If a program feels aligned, you  may feel split. If the opportunity is right for you, it’s likely that you’ll feel at least 70 percent excited about it. If you feel that 70 percent excited about it, then you should give yourself permission to go after what you want and invest in yourself. At the same time, you don’t want to outrightly jump into something that feels completely off because you might not be ripe to really experience it from a place of truly appreciating it. Your fear might cloud your experience. If you feel more fear than excitement, then it’s very important to examine the fear. Either the opportunity is not a right fit for you or you are being called to integrate the feeling so you can allow your ripened opportunities to come to fruition. Often the fear comes from the thought of creating a financial commitment on yourself. That kind of commitment can be really scary for people. But, if we cannot invest in ourselves, then can we truly ever invest in others? 



-Eden, Mindset Consultant

Meet your biggest cheerleader – ME!

Hi, I’m Cassie.


I’m an architect-turned digital strategist, digital nomad & travel blogger, as well as Influentielle’s creator. And your soon-to-be biggest cheerleader.


I’m here to not only cheer you on but to push you through self-limiting beliefs and fears that are preventing you from stepping into your fullest potential.


Yes, I will always point you in the right direction, and yes, I will bestow upon you everything I know (be ready, it’s a lot – see below). Above all else though, I promise to be your constant success advocate throughout this process, to ensure you get to where you want to go.

Cassie Drake Influentielle
Click here to hear Cassie's backstory

I’ve lived in 7 different countries, and traveled to over 35. My love of travel and fascination of living abroad started when I was 16 and did a high school semester in Mexico (and I studied English there – whatever). I was a high academic achiever – to paint the picture for ya- and ended up going to architecture school.

After working (read: slaving) away at an architecture firm for years, I came to the bleak realization that that would be exactly what I would do for the rest of my life if nothing changed. I looked around at my colleagues – most 30+ years my senior- and saw that my future even decades down the line would not be so different than the current situation I was living. Clocking in loong hours. Poor pay. A couple weeks vacay which only left room for one trip a year. Working on projects that didn’t allow for my bottled up creative juices to flow. Even though that realization hit me like a truck, it was still scary as hell to even think about actually doing something about it. My entire LIFE was architecture. I had poured in years of literal blood, sweat, and tears into both my grueling education and professional career. It was all I knew.

But I also knew there was something more out there for me. I needed to experience other things, test out different environments, and above all, have some fucking courage to actually do so.

So I quit my job, packed up my shit into ONE suitcase, and moved abroad to a tiny island in the middle of the Mediterranean.

I started blogging about my expat life and travels and found a creative outlet as well as an audience that wanted to know what I was up to.

At the same time, I transitioned my career from architecture to visual branding (because in all honesty, architecture is basically glorified graphic design), and began taking on freelance clients. Eventually I realized everything I was digitally designing was essentially a piece of marketing material, and that piqued my interest into learning more about digital strategy. Fast forward a few years of experience as a marketing manager later, and I found myself consulting as a digital strategist for global brands around the world. I’ve had my ideas featured in Vogue, Lonely Planet, The Every Girl, and campaigns seen by hundreds of millions of people all over. I get to work on projects I love every single day.

I now am fully remote allowing me to work from anywhere. In the past few months alone, I was living in Portugal, and traveled to Spain, Malta, London, Shanghai, Bangkok, and even went off the grid on expedition in Myanmar.

It’s the lifestyle I only once dreamed of while sitting at my desk at the architecture firm, never thinking it was actually attainable. Yet here I am.


The thing is, it took me years to get here. I did it all on my own but I know I could have gotten there so much faster if I just had a coach from the beginning. That’s what I want to be for you. Your facilitator of whatever you need to get you to live the kind of life you want. I’m here for you.

Why you don’t need more information,

you need a mentor

I don’t know about you, but frankly, I am fucking tired of the information overload. You feel me?


There are SO many coaches out there creating content to disseminate more information into an already oversaturated pool of resources, a never-ending list of self-help books to read, podcasts to listen to (seriously, if I tallied up all the episode hours on my saved playlists, I’ll probably have headphones in 24/7 for the next 8 years). Don’t get me wrong, anytime access to all these resources is incredible. I’m always one Google search away from an answer to anything I may need:


How long do I roast a whole chicken for? Check.

How do I properly do a pull-up? Easy (-ier said than done).

How do I set up an entire website? Well, multiple searches were involved in this one, but a combo of Google & Youtube got me to where I needed to be.


Technically, we don’t need anyone else to tell us how to do something.

What we need is someone to ensure we actually do it. Continuously.

The one-off tasks (i.e. doing a pull up) is the easy bit. The hard part comes into continuing to do it in regular intervals that lead to a desired outcome, ensuring that what you are doing is the most efficient and effective use of your energy + time.


That’s where a coach that provides guidance and support comes in.


It’s not something Google can give you. It’s beyond calendar reminders and to-do lists.


It’s not even a friend or family member. They can certainly help. But if you want to truly grow to the next level, there has to be someone in your corner that has a) been there already, and b) will do anything to get you there. It’s a mix of encouragement and hard truths that would hurt coming from someone you love – eventually causing resentment.


If you want to truly level up and reach the next tier (or hell, even skip a bunch), you need a mentor and a support group that keeps you accountable. Most importantly though, it has to be someone YOU are invested in.

What is the Influentielle Mastermind?

Ok, first of all – what the eff is a mastermind anyway?

A mastermind is a group of likeminded members (in our case – female biz owners!) with similar goals who all come together to share, support, expand, and grow through the guidance of expert coaching.

Members work on their own entrepreneurial endeavours alongside one another, learning valuable skills from various coaches to grow towards their business goals all while making lifelong connections (and keeping each other on track!).

There is something indescribably powerful about working alongside other badass women, even if it’s completely on your own project, knowing that the other ladies are hustling towards making their dreams happen too. When you join Influentielle, you are joining a community in which everyone is wanting one another to succeed just as much as themselves – kinda like an instantaneous group of girlfriends that are all wanting to make magic and money. We are all in this together!

Who is Influentielle for?

This Mastermind Collective is for women like you who:

have an existing brand that you want to grow

have a project idea or goal in mind that you want to realize

need guidance on how to manifest your idea into reality with support & accountability

are tired of the lack of transparency in the industry and want to share resources

crave a sense of community of likeminded supportive women in the city

want to finally feel inspired and motivated in your work

are drained from grinding out the hustle without much to show for it

need to increase income and add revenue streams doing something you love

are READY to take your business, your brand, and YOURSELF to the next level

What You’ll Receive by Joining:

Connection + Support

With a group of likeminded woman all striving to improve aspects of their lives, orchestrated by a ring-leader, with the support of knowledgeable coaches, and the collective group.

Inspiration + Motivation

Be inspired being alongside other badass women co-creating their own passion projects, giving your motivation when you can’t manifest it yourself.

Feedback + Accountability

Receive constant honest yet nurturing feedback, while keeping you accountable - like having the best boss that is also your BFF with only YOUR best interests at heart.

Learning + Growth

Learn the valuable skills needed to grow to the next level both professionally and personally in any area you want to focus on.

How Influentielle works:

Once you’ve officially joined the Mastermind, you’ll be eager to get started. You’ll receive your welcome package and we’ll intro you to the rest of the group. You’ll literally have a slew of new numbas in your contacts in a matter of a day. Bye bye Bumble BFF!


At the beginning you may be feeling a little apprehensive, so our first one-on-one call is to talk it out – we’ll guide you through questions that get deep into your drives, fears, and desires. After that, our weekly calls will build upon the previous ones, with action steps and timelines agreed upon. Remember, we’re in YOUR corner. You’ll also have access to your coaches whenevaa you need us!


Hold up – what about the rest of the group? We got you ladies.


Connection is one of the most innate human desires. And are we ever going to be connected throughout this process. Our collective group will meet virtually, with additional optional co-working dates to GSD – aka Get Shit Done. We also have a weekly group coaching video call for all members, plus constant chats via our private FB group. Essentially, we’re connected, always.


Throughout the process, you will be guided on your goals, having them broken down into actionable steps that will be constantly followed up on. Anything you require support on with resources or skill-wise will be provided to you.


The next Influentielle Mastermind session will  begin on January 20, 2020. Spots are limited to ensure an intimate vibe. Plus, we want to make sure we have a killer group of badass babes!

What’s Included:

in each 12-week session

One-on-One Support

We all have unique goals and challenges, so we'll work through them together via private calls and chats., with 24/7 access to your coach.

In-Person Retreat

The best part of all - meeting all the women in person! We'll gather together in a beautiful space (read: Instagrammable) for our group retreat!

Weekly Group Video Chats

To keep that group support and accountability going, we'll have frequent video calls with the whole gang.

Training Modules

When it comes to growing your brand, we know what works. You get access to the full membership site featuring experts that are the best in the biz.

You may be wondering

What the heck is a Mastermind anyway?

A mastermind is a group of people with likeminded goals, typically business-oriented, intending to grow professionally but also lends way to personal growth and abundance in other areas of their lives.

Members work on their own respective goals alongside one another, learning valuable skills from coaches to grow towards their entrepreneurial endeavours all while making lifelong connections (and keeping each other accountable!).

Who is this mastermind for?

Influentielle is for the woman that has a project she’s been dreaming of in the back of her mind for what seems like forever but has been too scared/busy/excuse-ridden to finally pull the trigger and see it through. Maybe she wants to start a profitable blog. Or perhaps she has an established one already and wants to take it to the next level with some sort of paid offering.

What does this Mastermind provide?

This mastermind provides:

Support, in way of a leader, knowledgeable coaches, and the collective group

Inspiration, being alongside other woman creating their own passion projects

Motivation, to keep going when you can’t manifest it yourself

Feedback, keeping it honest and no-nonsense, while being nurturing

Accountability, like having a boss that is also your BFF with only your best interests at heart

Connection, with likeminded woman all striving to improve aspects of their lives

Growth, both professional and personal in any area you want to focus on

Learning, valuable skill sets needed to take your idea to the next level.

There is something indescribably powerful about working alongside other woman, even if it’s completely on your own project, knowing that the other girls are hustling towards making their dreams happen too. When you join Influentielle, you are joining a community in which everyone is looking out for each other – kinda like an instantaneous group of girlfriends that are all wanting to make magic and money. We are all in this together!

How is this mastermind different from other ones?

This is the first mastermind of its kind to be run collectively by the members for the members. In other words, we are all co-coaches in this together. Most masterminds are run by one overarching coach or leader that is all-encompassing in their teachings of an array of topics. Influentielle brings in multiple experts in each of their fields to teach the ONE thing they are best at. There is a ring leader to our carefully curated circus – Cassie Drake – but she takes a back seat and provides the framework for the coaches to come into their own teachings and power. The members in the group itself are encouraged to share their own knowledge and skills, providing support where they are best suited to. For example, maybe one Influentielle member is a social-media maven that joined the group because she wants to start her own digital marketing agency. Even though she has a great goal to work towards, she also has a valuable professional background that can help others that may not have such a solid social strat foundation. She shares what she knows to those that don’t, and in turn, others help her with something she may not be as familiar in. It’s a win-win!

What do you get for joining?

-Boss Lady Welcome Package

-Annual goal definition guidance, & quarterly bucket breakdown

-Monthly focus talk + task takeaways

-Weekly support sessions with multiple coaches

-If you are local: in-person Mastermind retreat

-If you are remote: weekly group conference call

-weekly check-ins & q+a

-access to countless resources depending on your needs. Think: branding exercises, Instagram growth course, marketing templates, website builder, etc.

+ constant support in whatever you need!

What is the commitment?

We believe productivity and optimal accountability works best in quarterly chunks. Therefore the Influentielle mastermind operates in 12 week sessions, with optional annual opt-in at a discounted rate.

Can't I get this from a free Facebook group?

While there are many great Facebook groups that offer value and a community, they can only take you so far without a dedicated coach that understands your unique situation, needs and goals. Plus, those that pay, pay attention. It keeps us accountable with our head in the game. You are betting on yourself for once. You are serious about investing in yourself and in turn, your business. Influentielle is kind of like the best boss you’ve ever had – your BFF that is all business and no-bullshit, but is there when you need a shoulder to cry on.

How much does it cost?

The next session is being offered at the best & lowest investment possible. Fill out your application, and we’ll hop on a call to chat about payment options.

Are YOU ready?

With multiple coaches at the ready to help you in any way you need, you’ll be fully supported, and kept on track. Here are just a few of the cool outcomes you can expect from of participating in Influentielle:

Business Development & Growth0%
Female Support System0%
CONFIDENCE to go after what you want0%

Take advantage of the
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